Custom Vega Visualizations

Vega is a declarative language for creating highly customizable and interactive data visualizations.
Vega visualizations can be embedded into Power BI reports using Deneb, a certified Power BI custom visual, into Looker Studio reports, and into any website or app.

All Vega implementations presented on this page are my own, although some of the visual designs ideas belongs to other data visualization professionals (names and links are in the JSON files).

🖥️ Desktop use is recommended, as some of the charts on this page have not been optimized for mobile devices and may require horizontal scrolling on narrow screens.
Additionally, smaller PNG previews of the charts are available at the bottom of the page.

The images below are previews (PNG thumbnails), they lack interactivity and they may be outdated. Click on an image to access the live Vega version, based on the most recent Vega JSON code from the GitHub repository:

GitHub Repository with all Vega Examples

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