Population Pyramid | Power BI Report

This simple Power BI report was created to demonstrate the capabilities of the Deneb custom visual for Power BI, featuring a chart that cannot be achieved with the core Power BI visuals.

The built-in Line Chart visual in Power BI lacks support for vertical orientation, is incapable of managing more than 3,500 data points, and is restricted to a maximum of 60 series.

By contrast, the chart crafted using the Vega visualization grammar and incorporated into the report through the Deneb custom visual comprises 150 series (years) and includes approximately 30,000 data points (150 years × 100 age ranges × 2 genders). Note, this refers to the data points visible on the chart (ALLSELECTED); the total number of data points (ALL) in the data table is unrestricted (this particular chart is built on 4.4 million rows of data).

Deneb and Vega enable the creation of highly tailored and interactive visualizations in Power BI, allowing developers to overcome the limitations of the built-in visuals.

This data visualization is my Power BI reproduction of a population pyramid chart originally created by Jorge Camões using Excel.

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