Report insight: we placed 100 orders in March

What mistakes Power BI / data visualization beginners, who learned (a bit of) a BI tool from a YouTube video, make?

They have no idea what “B” really means in BI. You can’t build a (useful) report for business without understanding business and its goals.

They devalue word “insight”. “Report insight: we placed 100 orders in March“. No, it’s not an insight. It’s a useless (by itself) number.

An insight is something that helps you to make a business decision. and pushes you to take and action useful (or not, and usefulness is not always measured in $) for the business.

Clickbaits like “This N YouTube channels will give you more than a college degree” are dangerous. Some YouTube channels are great. But get a college degree. And read books. You can learn software (a tool) from YouTube and blogs? Great. Now go to college and study business and data visualization (I had no idea what the latter is when I was getting my degree 20+ years ago). The tools are changing fast. Basic principles of economy and visual perception remains. Learn fundamental things.

Don’t study a data visualization tool if you goal is to earn more $. Learn data visualization if your goal is to make the world better with more beautiful (in their usefulness) data visualizations.

Don’t quote Elon Musk on “you don’t need college to learn stuff” and “you can learn anything you want for free“. Free often (although not always, many real experts share they knowledge for free) means low quality or stolen. Buy a book (don’t download it from a dark web). An author of a good book deserves your money. And it’s hard to buy a bad book in times of web reviews.

And also, what exactly Elon Musk learned from YouTube (from Russia Today channel I assume)? How to almost bankrupt a $44 billion company in 2 weeks? How to make impulsive and dangerous decisions that affect the lives of other people? How to ‘solve’ a problem while you have zero understanding of the subject and ignoring those who have?

Well, if your only goal is to get more $, not to make the world better, then ignore my advices. Ask those who write “I made $$$, these are N advices that will bring you $$$”. But I can’t guarantee it will work.

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